The Gawler River Pony Club membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June, and the fee’s are as follows:

The club holds two rallies a month unless an event is scheduled. Look on the Calendar page for rally and event dates.

$160 first riding member (per family)
$150 second riding member (per family)
$140 third and initial riding member/s (per family)
$25 Social Membership

Information for new members wishing to join GRPC:

You will need to complete a Membership Application Form (available on the Downloads page or email which will then be put before the committee at the next meeting.  Please note that committee meetings are only held once a month,  so it may take up to four weeks for a response.  The applicants will then be notified of the decision by a committee member following the meeting.

If you are not sure about becoming a Pony Club member, we do offer a “Visiting rally” fee for a reduced price.  Please note that you will still need to submit a Membership Application Form first and be accepted by the GRPC Committee before you attend a Visiting Rally.  
The “Visitng” Fee of $10 per rally plus the nominated rally fee provides insurance for the opportunity to attend a maximum of 3 rallies within a 3 months period.  We charge a nominal $5 rally fee in excess of the $10 visitor rally PCASA charge to help cover the cost of instruction per “visiting” rally attendance.  Should you then decide to join as a full member. Only those who have not been a member of a Pony Club for a minimum of 2 yrs are able to utilize this program. 

Please contact our Club Secretary at  for any membership inquiry’s

UNIFORM-Gawler River Pony Club colour’s are Brown, blue and cream. Saddle blankets are brown with the Gawler River Pony Club logo.

The Summer/informal uniform is; Blue/brown club polo shirt with beige/cream, black or navy jodhpurs.

The Winter/informal uniform is; brown/blue polar fleece jumper with logo, Blue/brown club polo shirt with beige/cream, black or navy jodhpurs .

The Formal uniform is; Brown woollen Knitted jumper with cream strip around wrist/waist and neck band with Gawler River Pony Logo, Blue long sleeve colour formal shirt and brown tie with beige/cream jodhpurs.  Brown short jodhpurs boots riders 16 yrs and over can add brown Gaiters or long boots to their uniform

Cross Country uniform is; XC country jumper, Gloves, hat cover, beige/cream jodhpurs

Polo shirts, hat covers, woollen knitted jumpers, Polar fleece jumpers, blue long sleeve formal shirt, ties, xc country jumpers and saddle blankets are available to order through the club,

please contact the club Secretary for more information.

Every rider MUST have a helmet of the correct current standard (3838) and smooth soled boots on when mounted.
Either Tall boots or jodhpur boots are permitted. Riders under 16 must wear brown jodhpur boots
Chaps/chapettes are permitted for rallies only.
Gaiters are permitted for both rallies and shows.

Due to new PCASA rules all helmets must be no older than 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Gawler River Pony Club is a family friendly environment and we are governed by the Pony Club Association of South Australia and the Department of Rec and Sport. We are a mandatory reporting organisation

The club is a wonderful learning environment for all ages and does not tolerate bad behaviour of any type ie swearing, physical violence, bullying (physical, emotional,mental) etc.

The grounds are smoke, drug and alcohol free and if anyone on the grounds attempts to take part in any of these things will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.