In the late 50’s a group of keen horse loving people met in the beautiful old homestead of Newbold stud in Gawler River. Pat and Don Barkly started what was to be a place where kids and their back yard pony could gather and learn horse-mastership. This was the start of Gawler River pony club. It was the second pony club in S.A. That great horseman Tom Roberts was our teacher for the next 5 years and what a wonderful teacher he was.

It has shown out in the past 45 years. GRPC has had many ups and downs but many good and clever riders have this club to thank.- Leanne Ames, Peter Mosey, Michelle Brice are just a few to hand.
GRPC won the RM Williams games at the royal show and also won the RM Williams show jumping before it became zone finals.

The first SADA was formed in a backroom of RM Williams shop in Prospect again GRPC members were keen workers toward this.
Our Pony club has had many moves in these past years from Newbold to Lance Dawkins paddock across the road from Newbold to a couple of paddocks in Gawler, Willaston then to Conlea Park where we got our first club rooms and ODE course.
Where we had the lovely North Para river and over looked farm lands. We loved it there.

Next move was to the now par 3 golf club grounds in Willaston across the river from the swimming pool.
Then away again to where we are today, Clifford Rd Hillier. Some 20 years on.

Pony club has been a great start for children as it keeps them busy and away from loose ends. GRPC has been a successful and friendly club to many and let’s hope this will carry on through for another 50 years.

The first state ODE with the help of our members was hosted by Ron Scolls who let riders on his lovely Kersbrook property.

Barossa Lodge also held many ODE’S in which many of our members competed
Gawler must be proud to have a very healthy and happy committee of people who have steered many young horse lovers to better lives and given loving homes to many ponies and horses.

Edited by Julie Jackson with data provided by Iris Stephenson AO and life member of GRPC