Membership forms-

If you wish to enquire about memberships please contact our secretary Linda Vandepeear on


Card Application Form-

This form needs to be filled out if you are a new member to the club, have a new mount, changed any of the details stated on your card or wish to be graded.

Please note all card applications must be signed by the clubs chief instructor Diana Birmingham


Day RALLY Participation Form –

This form is to be filled out by any non PCASA member wishing to participate in our rallies. Please note this form is for rallies only not events. You can try out a maximum of 3 rallies per financial year.


Day Participation Form – 

This form needs to be completed by any non-financial PCASA member or any participant who does not have any other approved insurance in place. This form can be used to compete in our specified Day Participation events such as hack shows. Please note that day participation does not cover you for show jumping.