If you would like to participate in a rally at GRPC you must contact the Rally Coordinator at at least one week prior

Rallies are generally held on the 2nd and the 4th Sunday of each month – February – December
Unless an event is scheduled



11th May: Matt Robins Showjumping Clinic

12th May: NO RALLY Mother’s Day
26th May: NO RALLY Zone Finals
9th June: Rally

16th June:Open Unoffical Dressage Day and Musical Ride
23rd June: Rally

7th July: GRPC AGM @ Evanston Hall 5pm


National: The Pony Club Association of South Australia Incorporated has a duty of care to the health, comfort and welfare of all members, volunteers, officials and to the equine members of the organisation. This policy has been adopted to assist clubs when organising rally days to be aware for the need of shade and plenty of water for both human and equine participants.
In the event that the local radio or TV station broadcasts the evening before the rally day is to commence the weather is to be in excess of 35 degrees Celsius the rally will not be held between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm. Clubs may wish to program an early morning or evening rally to compensate for the day time if resources permit


Gawler River Pony Club colour’s are Brown, blue and cream. Saddle blankets are brown with the Gawler River Pony Club logo.
The Summer/informal uniform is; Blue/brown club polo shirt with beige/cream jodhpurs.
The Winter uniform is; brown/blue polar fleece jumper with logo, Blue/brown club polo shirt with beige/cream jodhpurs .
The Formal uniform is; Brown woolen Knitted jumper with cream strip around wrist/waist and neck band with Gawler River Pony Logo, Blue long sleeve colour formal shirt and brown tie with beige/cream jodhpurs.  Brown short jodhpurs boots riders 16 yrs and over can add brown Gaiters or long boots to their uniform
Cross Country uniform is; XC country jumper, Gloves, hat cover, beige/cream jodhpurs

Polo shirts, hat covers, woolen knitted jumpers, Polar fleece jumpers, blue long sleeve formal shirt, ties, xc country jumpers and saddle blankets are available to order through the club,

please contact the club Secretary for more information.

Every rider MUST have a helmet of the correct current standard (3838) and smooth soled boots on when mounted.
Either Tall boots or jodhpurs boots are permitted. Riders under 16 must wear brown jodhpurs boots
Chaps/chapettes are permitted for rallies only.
Gaiters are permitted for both rallies and shows.

Due to new PCASA rules all helmets must be no older than 5 years from the date of manufacture.